Attorney General Sessions Recuses Himself

Published March 02, 2017 President Trump supports Attorney General Sessions and did not think that Sessions should have recused himself from matters surrounding the Russian probe. People like Nancy Pelosi pronounced Sessions guilty of perjury in a news conference in addition demanded his resignation. It is apparent that it will be hard to convince her and other people on Capital Hill of the reality. They want to use this to take down AG Sessions and President Trump. What did Jeff Sessions do to warrant this response – tell the truth? The facts as described in the question and answer phase of the probe were simple, if AG Sessions did not talk about the election nor exchange any information about the campaign with the Russians he did not lie.

Former defense attorney and Fox News Anchor Gregg Jarrett joins Cavuto to analyze Attorney General Sessions recusal and whether his actions of removing himself put all this behind him.

Read the full article discussing Attorney General Sessions and whether or not he committed perjury.

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